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Welcome to ADRVLT

A hard-core revolt against advertising that is so bland it melts into oblivion

“To me, punk is about being an individual and going against the grain.” – Joey Ramone

In the 6,5 years I’ve worked in online marketing I’ve seen a lot of campaigns, content, display ads, social posts, and brand activations. I’ve read quite a few articles, papers, and books, and listened to a fair number of keynotes and talks. My head is full of information, data, and ideas, but I sometimes find it hard to tie it all together.

So in order to create some order in this chaos I created this blog on which I will share my view on traditional and popular marketing theories, and give my humble opinion on branding and campaigns. All in my own, fairly stubborn, way. That’s why I called it ADRVLT (ad revolt): it’s a hard-core revolt against advertising that is so bland it melts into oblivion. So next to creating order in that chaotic mess of information, it’s a quest to discover a branding success formula.

I don’t know how many articles I will write, but I’m aiming at at least one a month. Maybe more if I’m on a roll, maybe less when Netflix releases a new bingewatch-worthy show. But all with the same goal: inspire others to do great marketing so people won’t react with smh anymore when seeing ads.

Because exactly that reaction is why I started working in marketing to begin with. Wondering why some brands could persuade me to watch a two hour commercial and others just made me shake my head in disappointment and sometimes even disgust. And that was in a time when adblockers didn’t exist, so no way around those pesky pre-rolls.

But times they are a changin’. Nowadays people are spending so much time on media, attention is dropping. So why bother wasting your precious time watching bad ads. And don’t tell me people have shorter attention spans! They just hate bad ads. So we as marketeers should work even harder to create outstanding and consistent brand experiences. In every touchpoint with (potential) customers. No matter if it’s TV, out of home, social, voice, or the dealer selling your product. And of course combine that experience with great branding so it actually does something for your brand. And prove the effectiveness with the right data.

An enormous challenge for which I hope to find a success formula. Defining the elements and conditions for great branding that people actually give a f*ck about. Maybe I won’t succeed, but hopefully my quest inspires you to revolt with me against bad advertising and get up on the barricades for better brand experiences that positively affects people and brands.

The first article will be published this Monday, November 26th.